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The Bangladesh Buddhist Federation (BBF),a leading Buddhist organization of Bangladesh, was formed and registered with the Social Welfare Department of the Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh in November 1984. Its headquarter is in International Buddhist Monastery,Merul Badda,Dhaka.-1212.

Before formation of the BBF, the Dhaka International Buddhist Monastery (DIBM) Construction Committee was formed in October 1982 to take necessary steps for setting up a monastery in the city. This committee subsequently felt that it should not keep its activities limited to construction of the IBM only, rather it should expand its range of activities for serving the greater interest of the community as a whole in the country.

Other leaders of the community also felt the necessity of formation of a national organization for achieving overall objectives of religious , social, cultural and economic development of the Buddhist commonly as a whole. Thus, the BBF was formed to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • To enable the members of the Buddhist community to firmly develop themselves as the practitioners and bearers for the Buddha’s teachings of non-hatred, loving kindness and compassion and promote unity, solidarity and brotherhood among themselves.
  • To set up an IBM in Dhaka and develop the following facilities in the monastery, meditation centre, library, museum, Dhamma study/ research centre, information centre, charitable dispensary, orphanage, Dhamma gathering halls, hostel for students, rest rooms for Bhikkus coming from outside Dhaka city, etc.
  • To project and promote the Buddhist literature, culture and heritage through holding literary meetings, seminars and publication of souvenirs and propagate the teachings of the Buddha.
  • To enable the Buddhist children to pursue general and religious education and arrange financial assistance for the poor and meritorious students.
  • To arrange exchange of international Buddhist literature, culture, tradition and information through development of a cordial brotherhood with the people of different Buddhist countries of the world.
  • To undertake different constructive, development and social welfare projects for the benefit of the Buddhist community.
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